Sunday, January 24, 2010

Compost Envy

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Visions of rotting fruit dance in my head.  Seriously.  I spend my wee hours dreaming of black gold...that wondrous, crumbly stuff formed from kitchen castoffs which will surely yield crops so abundant that we'll never go shopping again. (I read too many gardening books, I think.)  We've stashed a 5 gallon bucket in a cupboard in the pantry, and we feed it all the scraps and peelings from our meals.  Eggshells, veggie peels, leftover curry--in the bucket.  Apple cores, tea bags, Friday afternoon haircut trimmings--in the bucket.  And today, I got a wonderful email in response to my Freecycle request for bagged leaves:
Hi Wendy!  I saw your ad.  I was wondering if you wanted some horse manure for your compost pile?  I have a lot at my barn and people are always wanting this  pooh for their gardens and compost piles. If you do or know someone else that would like some, you can call me at ***-****.  I can bag it, box it or if you have a tub.
This is NO joke, just so you know.  I just need to get rid of it! :)
Lee Ann

You don't need to ask about my response, do you?
Like Jess always says, everybody needs a hobby.


  1. Glad you like the bed skirts! It's such a nice fix that makes the bedroom complete! Can't wait to see them. Your compost looks like fun! Oh and I can't imagine having 6 kids, wow!

  2. I'm thinking that shouldn't be in the house. Either that, or you might need to get some stock in Febreeze?

  3. Oh, Karen...
    The bucket gets dumped every day. On the compost pile. Which is outside. But I love you anyway, ok?


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