Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I flunked...

...my own Bookmarkable Blog Assessment.  That smarts some, but it's true.  To earn my "CTRL-D" a blog must meet each of my Rigorous Standards of Excellence:

1.  Tutes?  Sweet!    In the world of the craft-blog, tutorials and giveaways are absolutely de rigueur.  I seem to be sadly lacking in both departments, at the moment.  However, once I dig my way out of the rubble that is my craft room , I'll make an attempt to rectify this lamentable state of affairs.
2.  Great Photos  I'm looking for clear, well-cropped, and relatively germane pictures. Ahem.  Well, at least I've got photos...let's just say I'm working on it.
3.  Je ne sais quois  Call it voice, charisma, or just plain personality--if it's not there, I'm gone after the first click.  Make me want to read about your coffee, your carpool, or your new drop spindle. (Getting there, I think...)
4.  Spelling Counts--use your spellchecker, folks.  And if you truly can't differentiate between you're and your, they're, their, and there or its and it's, then it's probably time to get a new hobby.  (I give myself full marks in this small regard, at least.)

'Kay.  That being said, I offer you, my unsuspecting readers, an utterly gratuitous snap of tonight's supper:  Kirk's Curry (I can get my kids to eat most things by sticking a Trekkie reference into the name.  Try it...) 

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