Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hangin' with my peeps...

The much-awaited day has arrived, and we're the proud parents of 5 Black Australorp and 5 Silver-Laced Wyandotte chicks. They make quite a racket, considering their diminutive size, and the kids are positively entranced. The biggest issue we're facing at the moment is this: they all look strikingly similar. Chevi plans to name "her" chick Barbie (strenuous eye roll) and has spent the last 45 minutes trying to figure out which of these cheeping fluffballs is deserving of that esteemed moniker.

Any chick-rearing advice from the peanut gallery will be gleefully accepted.
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  1. buy nail polish and every kid get to paint their birds nails so they know who is who just make sure barbie has hot pink nails

  2. When you decide to name them all, go for something practical - like "Yom Rishon", "Yom Sheni", "Shlishi", "Revi'i", "Hamishi", "Sishi", and "Shabbat". Actually, you'd probably will want to name two of them "Shabbat"...just in case you have company

  3. Classic. Esti wanted to call hers "Nugget." Akiva's decided on "Hot." (As in "Hot Chick.") Oysh.

  4. Oh my gosh, they're so adorable! I love the idea of getting some chicks to raise...I'll see how yours go. :)


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