Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Favorite Cafe

Yesterday, my silk-screening efforts went public. Our synagogue hosted our first cafe lunch, and our fabulous waitstaff donned their new aprons to serve the crowds of hungry patrons,

I cranked out an extra t-shirt for my Johnny-come-lately busboy an hour before the first diners rolled in,

Take-out got taken out in my practice runs,
and our homemade oatmeal-craisin-chocolate-chip-cookies got the royal treatment with a last-minute packaging upgrade.

I had way too much fun with the whole shebang.

(And we won't even talk about how many knishes I ate.)

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  1. So, does this mean DSM has kosher dining now? Stepping up into the big leagues...

  2. Love the screens, who made the food?

  3. Ooohh... knishes... do you have a recipe? I cannot find good knishes (or any proper deli) in the SF Bay Area. Luckily, we go down to LA x3 each year and so we get our deli "fix"!


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