Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Creative Space: In Over My Head?

The construction has begun in earnest, and everything else has been left by the wayside.  (Including---but not limited to---regular mealtimes, dishes, laundry, and any semblance of sanity I may once have possessed.)  The two bigs and I spent the better part of the morning assembling the floor of the coop-to-be.

  This ridiculously simple 5'x8' structure nearly bested the lot of us several times over, and I've developed a healthy respect for power tools and the proficient users thereof.  (Who knew it would be such a challenge to cut straight bits off of a bunch of 2x4s?  I was relieved to finish with everyone's extremities intact!) 

After our rigorous morning, we spent a little downtime on the lawn with the chicks.  This was their first venture outside the brooder, and they were understandably befuddled for the initial moments of their backyard debut.
After a while, though, they were having as much fun as we were.  (Well, it seemed that way to the casual observer, anyway.)

We're hoping to knock out a wall a day this week, and have the whole shebang ready to inhabit by the end of the month.  Still a little unsure as to what we're actually cobbling together, here...I seem to build pretty much the same way I sew.  (And the way I do most things, actually...I was less than a hairsbreadth away from naming my blog "A Little Bit Wonky"  at the get-go, and I'm pretty sure it suits.)

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  1. Doesn't sound wonky to me! Looks like a great mum making a home for her little chooks the best way she knows how. I love the photo of your kids and the chicks, how gorgeous. Good luck with your project, I'm really enjoying the weekly updates xo

  2. You are kicking but...I am a tad scared of power tools that's for sure. And so wish I could have something similar here but living on post limits us...Hope you are finished soon so you can enjoy it :)

  3. Most excellent. I love that you guys have dived in tools & all. I can't wait to see it finished.

  4. Good luck with the chook pen. My Dad had to knock one up in a couple of days when I was a kid, because Mum just came home with the chooks and they had no where else to go!

  5. Good luck. Hope it doesn't get too stressful- construction always does! xo m.


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