Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Creative Space: Quick and Dirty?

In spite of my (emerging) mad carpentry skills, I've been hankering to drop the power tools and make something pretty. Since we're one wall short of a chicken coop (and the chicks just keep growing), I knew that today's crafting time was even more limited than usual. 

With that in mind, I clicked over for my daily dose of One Pretty Thing, where I found myself drooling over these washer necklaces.   While there seems to be a surfeit of washers around these parts, I was sorely lacking in the handy-dandy-metal-stampers department.  So, obviously, this fabulous project got shelved until I had a little more time to invest, right?

Um, not so much.  When I called Harbor Freight and found out that the very stampers I was jonesing for were on sale for less than 5 bucks, I fired up the old GPS, declared a full-out Coop Holiday and hit the road.
(We're not talking about the fact that they had the 1/4 inch set on sale, too.) 

Hunting and gathering time notwithstanding, this was a great instant-gratification-fix.  (Bonus: I got cheap, new tools. )   Next on my list: these!

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  1. So simple yet so cute. I also noticed the "Now Hiring" sign hanging out the font. Isn't that every mans dream job?
    Keep up the good work on the coop.
    Jane 80)

  2. Well I'm super impressed with your carpentry skills, even if you are ready to give it the boot. Hope however the coop comes together quickly so you can get back to some more pretty stuff.
    The necklaces are really sweet.

  3. omg, we were so separated at birth (I love these, I love the tool acquisition, and I'm also prone to mid-project detours)

  4. I love the stamping - that looks really fantastic (and yet again the dangers of blog-reading are highlighted, as I wonder whether my hardware store sells stampers!).

    Good luck with the last bit of the coop.

  5. That coop is looking amazing! Love the stamp set, those pendants are a great idea..

  6. I love how your mind works. There's nothing quite like procrastination of a job that needs to be done when there's a really cool craft project to do instead AND you can get what you need for it on sale. Wish we had that store near me, I'd be down there in a flash!

  7. washer project looks good!
    wow, you can also do carpentry, well done.

    thanks for visiting.

  8. Great way to satisfy your creative craving- so cute! xo m.

  9. Gorgeous!! And the chicken coop is looking awesome. Sending blue skies and long days for building your way :)

  10. What a great idea - very clever. I'm putting it on my crafty to-do list! Nic

  11. Fabulous! You can stamp little head-rest name-tags for your chickens. x

  12. Wendy - can you email me at - I have questions for you. x


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