Thursday, April 8, 2010

Under construction!

I finally took the plunge: I headed over to our local ReStore and purchased some coop-making paraphernalia.  The chooks are getting pretty big these days, so it won't be long before it's time to move them outside.  With this in mind, and armed with my trusty copy of Chicken Coops: 45 Building plans for Housing Your Flock, I packed the kids in the car and we were off.  We emerged $21 poorer, but bearing all manner of reclaimed goodies: a roll of hardware cloth (for a buck!), some neat-o switchplates (also a buck apiece), a whole lotta 2x4s, and a pair of pallets (for my fancy-shmancy compost enclosure-to-be).  Stay tuned for our progress reports... 

(And, yes, I did fully regret having brought my little creepies to the hardware store.  Some things are just wrong.)


  1. I hope we get to see some coop construction photos! We have four chooks, well three girls and one hen pecked fella. He fancies himself as a ladies man but he's really just a young fella with attitude. He is mean to the ducks who live seperately but have shared garden space. Wow, you have six kids, well done! what are their ages? Take care mumma x

  2. I am living vicariously through your chickens. Can't wait for thwe next installment.

  3. Are they coming to camp in the B-mobile? Maybe we can make a pen for them and Popcorn, our guinea pig who does not yet have solidified summer plans.


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