Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Camera Fell in the Toilet, But I Wrote This Tutorial Anyway...

Yeah, it's been that kind of week.  Having returned my laptop and sewing machine to working order, we've consigned the camera to an early grave.  In the spirit of making-do-with-what -I've-got, I nabbed Esti's Vivitar and took some lovely, greenish photos to illustrate what will certainly go down in Blogland history as the simplest tutorial ever written.

Without further ado, I give you...

Eco-Friendly Fridge Magnets:

You'll need:
  • Clear spray paint (or Diamond Glaze)
  • circle punches
  • jar lids, bottlecaps, or wooden discs
  • book or magazine with pretty pictures to cannibalize
  • magnet (I cut up some freebie ad magnets to do these...)
  • paintbrush or clean fingers
  • White glue or Mod Podge 
  • hot glue or E6000
First, choose which lid you'll use for your base.  Then thumb through your book and choose a picture to immortalize.  Use your circle punch to cut out your image.

Stick the image in the lid.  (Mine was too small, so I sifted through my embarrassment of scrap paper riches to find a suitable background.   Trim it to fill in the space between the edge of your image and the edge of your applesauce lid.)

Once that's done, glue the whole shebang to the inside of the lid.  If you're feeling clever, track down a droll sentiment to add to your little collage.  (Shoot for something a little more impressive than "fresh eggs."  This was more about  process than product, gang.)

Coat your image (and words, if you're overachieving) with a coat of white glue or Mod Podge.  Let dry.

 Once the glue is dry, spray the lid with several light coats of clear spray paint.  (Wait 20 minutes or so  between coats.)  You can also use Diamond Glaze for this step, but it's pricey as all-get-out, so I tend to stick with the spray paint, myself.)

When the shiny stuff of your choosing is dry (it's best to let them dry overnight to be sure...) use some hot glue or E6000 to affix the magnet to the back of your lid. 

Done!  Go stick something on the fridge with your kitschy new magnet!


  1. Cool thanks for the tute! My mind is busy whirring with all the things I can do with this new knowledge! Might have to make some'Screamstress' magnets for my family ha ha!

  2. ohhh, ohhh!!! hope you get a new one soon.
    very cool tut by the I have to scavenge the recycling bin :)

  3. Goodness me you don't have much luck with the machines in your house do you Wendy?! I have to ask. What was the camera doing near the toilet in the first place?! Great tutorial thank you!

  4. @Sarah: Did I mention we're potty-training #6? She's fascinated by the whole "flushing" concept, and nothing is safe from the swirly treatment...

  5. Very cute! And how brave of you to continue without a working camera - I hope you get a new one soon!

  6. I love your badges! Wish I could get my hands on E6000 glue, I wonder what the equivalent here is in Australia? I needed it for another project not long ago.

  7. OH NO about the camera. But OH YAY about your cute little tute, thanks soo much, I love your chooky magnet!x


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