Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Creative nauseum

 Ha!  I'll bet you thought, just for a split second, that I was going to write a creative-garden-space post this week and that you'd finally be freed from the h-e-double-toothpicks that is Ye Olde Chicken Coope.  I know that the checkout girls at Hy-vee have stopped making eye contact with me, and the guys at Home Depot run for cover when The Green Machine pulls into the parking lot.  So it would stand to reason that you were hoping to hear about the peonies blooming in my yard, or the ferns invading the compost heap, or even that I've yet to transplant the seedlings that are growing in egg cartons in the Haven O' Craft. Even you, Gentle Readers, must be getting sick of hearing about Ye Olde Chicken Coope.  Heck, I'm getting sick of it, but the Coop Fairy seems to have taken a sabbatical this spring.  Either that, or she hates me.  Regardless, she's nowhere to be found, so I plod onward.

Let's zoom out a bit, shall we, and see what this week's Creative Space is looking like:

Yeppers.  More framing.  But we're making progress, I tell you...the wall that you're looking at will contain the official escape hatch for the chickies...allowing them entry to their luxurious run.  (Assuming, that is, that I manage to finish the blinkin' thing before they reach the end of their natural lifespans...)  This little adventure in carpentry reminded me why I'm not a quilter.  Well, it reminded me why I'm not a good quilter, anyway.  That old adage "measure twice, cut once?"  Whoever came up with that gem clearly didn't have me in mind.  "Measure thrice, come up with three different measurements, go for the average, cut once, and end up short anyway," seems to be more my style. 

Here's how the wall looked when I called it quits this afternoon.  The windows are functional in thet they'll allow light in to the coop, but they don't do much for ventilation.  The middle of the middle section there is going to be the "pop door," which will (please, G-d) open and close guillotine-style.

If anybody out there is feeling the urge to get creative with power tools and OSB, feel free to drop in by.  I'll make cookies...

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  1. It really will be great! I love the windows, it's going to be one fancy chook house!

  2. We suffer from the same measuring affliction!! I had a good write so wonderfully!! Sending super human strength, blue skies and an end in sight to your chicken coop you way :)

  3. I think it's looking terrific, and I'm still so admiring that you are making your own chook coop. These chickies are going to some spoilt chooks!
    thanks for your lovely comments.


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