Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I finally did something on my list! I sat down yesterday evening, after the kids were thoroughly drugged  in bed and retaught myself how to single crochet.  (I think.  Does this look right to you?)  I've recruited a couple of campers to be my personal crochet mentors, and apparently they're doing a pretty respectable job.

The kids have been making hot rocks this week, which have been a hit since the first summer I came to camp.  I found the instructions in Summer Crafts: Fun and Creative Summer Projects for the Whole Family by Marjorie Galen.  This is perhaps my favorite craft book of all time, and certainly the one I use most at camp. Here's a snap of the Hot Rock Garden outside the Art Room.

I'm putting the Cricut through its paces in my free time.  Last night, I gave it a go with freezer paper and did some stenciling on one of the tie-dye pillowcases the girls made last weekend.  Pictures to come...the camera and the computer seem never to be in the same place at the same time, for some reason!

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  1. Looks good, Wen! A bigger hook might make it easier for you though, what is that, an G or an H? A K might be better if you can find one in that art room of yours. The yarn works better on and off of it. :D

  2. you're crochet looks good & I love the hot rocks!

  3. Sounds like you're having such a good time at camp! Love the hot rocks and your crochet looks spot on.

  4. You clever thing!!! Well done! Sounds like you're having a magic time. Enjoy :)


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