Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Off the Radar

I've been in blog-seclusion all week, owing mostly to our very sketchy internet connection, but aided and abetted by some little hooligans who've come to the terrifying conclusion that sleep is for sissies.  Seriously, these little buggers run on less sleep than your average frat guy, and have energy to burn.  (Not so their long-suffering mother, of course.  I'm running on Mommy's Special Blend---a time-tested cocktail of of adrenaline, Excedrin, and mild hysteria, coming soon to a pharmacy near you...)

I played with polymer clay all of last week.  Pens, pendants, charm bracelets, beads, hairpins, bookmarks; it was a veritable clay-fest, and guess who had the most fun of all?  Yup, that would be me.  I'm working on some mixed-media stuff right now (as in, "left it on the kitchen table so I could write this," right now) and will invariably have pictures to share in the next day or so.

This week is all about resin-bottlecaps.  We started making them the first summer I came to camp, and they're utterly addictive.  They're also a colossal pain in the neck to finish---the resin reeks to high heaven and the filled caps have the irritating tendency to stick to whatever surface I pour them on.  The kids love them, though, and they look pretty snazzy when they're done.

Did a little freezer paper stenciling with my oldest bunk.  I used Ashley's reverse stenciling technique for the first time, and fell in love with the results.

Visiting Day was this past Sunday, which means it's time for tipping.  I put together these little cards to showcase the necklaces I made for our waitress and Shani's mother's helper.

We're all looking forward to our Big Trip to Hershey Park next week.  Chevi has already laid out her outfit for the occasion, and Rachmy's selling salamanders to fill his coffers before we go.  I'm pretty sure it'll rain buckets---it always does when we go---but we'll have fun, soggy or not.

Shani is smitten with skipping stones.  This is a comforting piece of knowledge for me to carry around in the cockles of my heart, especially given her affinity for doing everything---from getting dressed to pushing the stroller---by herself.   Truly, there's nothing more soothing than finding one's newly emancipated two-year-old lobbing hunks of rock---solo, of course---at a large, murky body of water.

And I thought camp was going to be relaxing.


  1. Just a couple of things...


  2. I was hoping you had been quiet because you were having a wonderful time. Sounds like hard work, but fun all the same. Loving the clay bits and pieces, I can see Father's Day gifts right into the future! Look after yourself xo

  3. Love all the clay creations Wendy! The kids are so lucky to have you. Make sure you get some down time!


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