Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Creative Space: Oh, Baby!

A whole lotta onesie-embellishment going on! There's been a rash of birth-giving in my circle of friends in the past couple of weeks, so I had me a little stenciling/applique session late last night. Since most everything in the Haven o' Craft is packed (did I mention we're moving in a few weeks?) I had to keep things relatively simple. (And I appreciate the two friends who had the good grace to give their daughters the same name ---hence the same initial---and minimized the amount of applique creating I needed to do.) Still have a couple more to crank out, but that's it for now...

Swing by Kirsty's place to see what the rest of the world is creating this week!
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  1. Cute!! That was very considerate of your friends to name their babies with the same initial! What good friends you have!

  2. It seems new babies are everywhere! Great idea, I'm sure your friends will love them..

  3. very cute. i have a few onsies on my to do list as well. it's definitely spring- babies everywhere! xo m.


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