Sunday, October 31, 2010

At My House...Et tutu?

Spurred on by the garish displays in the stores, my girls have been asking for tutus this week. 

I'd bookmarked Plumtickled's tutorial ages ago, so this was one of my nearly-instant-gratification specials.   For the ambitious tutu-DIY-ers among you, I urge you to spring for the precut 6" rolls of tulle.  (Unless you have a fondness for wrestling with slippery, off-the-bolt tulle, in which case I encourage you to knock yourself out.  I nearly did.)

If you're clever (and I'm not) you'll throw this little project together whilst your tiny ballerinas slumber.  Otherwise, prepare to be serenaded as you work.  If your playlist already includes, "Mommy, Will You Ever Be Done With My Tutu," and "He Hit Me With His Dagger and I've Gotta Go Potty," then you're well prepared to tutu with your little ones in attendance.

 Want tutu play along? Scoot over to LouLou's!


  1. I love a tutu! Though I've not tried to make one, I'm like you, those quick & easy sewing projects are never quite so quick or easy for me!

  2. Whoo Hoo! Great tutu!

    Bit beyond me me! Probably make me swear swear.

    (PS love someone's tutu tummy)

  3. Oh, hey, my kids know those songs, too! Love the tutus!

  4. Funny! I won't even ask about the dagger incident...

    Tutus are fabulous. I wish I could still wear one. Thanks for the link to the tutorial. Another 'must do' project that I'm bound to 'must don't'!! x

  5. What a sweet picture of your ballerina! Great job on the tutu!

  6. That is one of the cutest photos I have ever seen.

  7. You are very ambitious making your tutu yourself. I can just see it all happening as you've described. I'm glad you did survive the process! Lou.

  8. I can just picture you wrestling with all that tule! The finished product is very cute. xx


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