Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cath's Meme

4 things that I always carry:
1. Shani
2. A good pen
3. Rescue Remedy
4. my camera

4 things that are in my bedroom
1. a rotating library of the kids' current faves (nonfiction on cats figuring prominently this week...)
2. boatloads of clean laundry
3. an assortment of chargers and usb cords
4. a huge stash of ponytail holders in a rainbow of colors
4 Things that I would like to do but haven't done yet
1. Go back to school for Occupational Therapy
2. Travel outside of the States
3. Publish something
4. Plant a garden (and grow something edible)

4 things that you don't know about me:
1. I have terrifyingly large feet.
2.I majored in Deaf Education at school and am fluent---but rusty---in American Sign Language
3. As child, I was terrified that my eyes were going to fall out.  On their own.
4. I don't eat raw vegetables.  Ever.

4 things I often wonder
1. How did the kitchen get this way again?
2. Where's my stunt double?
3. Can I get fries with that?
4.Will my virtue be rewarded?  When?

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  1. so you will have to come to Australia right???

  2. why o why is the putting away of clean washing so very hard! I need elves and i'll send them to your place when they are through.

  3. your post made me smile - particularly the things i wonder bit!! They are boatloads of clean laundry in our bedroom too! at least it's clean! x

  4. yes to the kitchen wondering!!!

  5. I loved reading each and every one of those things about you.
    And that kitchen thing...yeah.
    This is a great meme.

  6. So funny about the eyes falling out. I had the same fear about my glasses. And I KNOW how my kitchen gets like that. Every half day!! Teenagers. Cherrie

  7. I wish I had a stunt double! Loved reading your answers - you're a vegetarian and you never eat raw vegetables!?

  8. I knew three of the things about you but I didn't know that you wanted to go to school for OT. :D


Thanks for taking the time to makes me feel a little less like I'm talking to myself again.