Thursday, October 7, 2010

Forty Fabulous Followers!

I am just not the kind of girl who obsesses about numbers.  Or checks my stats more than once in a very blue moon.  Or equates that Grid Of Happiness with, say, my own self-worth.  And I am most assuredly not the sort of person to dance around the living room when a new follower appears on said Grid.  Because really, that would be so shallow.  And I'm just not like that, you know?  Sending big cyber-kiss to Little Eve, my 40th follower.  (And to all of the other thirty-nine of you, too!)  Mwaaaah!


  1. I think the number of Followers does make a difference. It makes one think that what one does may be a little worthwhile. As the followers grow, so does the pool of wonderful people you'll meet. Actually, 'followers' is such a poxy term? No?

    Gosh, I was so close at number 39!

    Happy blog!

  2. Love your new photo. Gorgeous colors. Blessings to you and yours on your new adventures.

  3. I love that you are happy dancing about the house!
    I agree with meeting wonderful people too, just like I have 'met' you & when you pop by & leave a sweet word or two it really does brighten up my day.
    happy weekend Wendy ♥

  4. Don't forget about all your anonymous followers, who don't let you know we're here unless we comment! You probably actually hit 40 a long time ago!


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