Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When you least expect it...expect it.

Our buyer pulled out yesterday morning. You know, the buyer who contacted us months ago, before we had any intention of moving?  No explanation, no apology, just a terse email from their attorney stating that they're no longer interested in the property.  Which is awkward, since we've already moved half of our stuff to Milwaukee, and are paying for storage there.  And because my kids' clothes, toys, and books are all boxed and gone, and they're supposed to be starting school there in 2 weeks.

We've hired a realtor, and the house is on the market, and I'm sure that it's all for the best.   Look forward to some interesting blogging in the weeks to come---on the joys of showing a house that's occupied by a lively family of eight, the wonders of camping out in your own 4200 square foot home, and  the dubious pleasures of  deconstructing a chicken coop, board by board. 

On a more pleasant note, my big kids have been busy in the Haven o' Craft, which is shockingly empty and  very nearly tidy at the moment, given that its usual contents are in boxes in Wisconsin.  Esti had a yen to make a Dread Pirate Westley shirt.  She freezer-paper stenciled it and knocked the whole thing out in one evening--- unlike her mother, who tends to do things like this in "chunks."  The lettering is sparkly and silver, and it looks pretty amazing.
 And Mojy gave our well-loved Cabbage Patch Kid a makeover.  He hand-sewed all of the clothes---with no help from me!  This was a surprise project--I came home from a meeting to find he'd raided the remains of my stash (and his brother's closet) and fixed up Shani's "baby." 
They never cease to amaze me, these rugrats of mine...with their ingenuity, their creativity, and their willingness to make something from nothing.  I think I'll keep 'em.


  1. Yeah, keep 'em. They're a clever bunch! can you explain freezer paper? My friend tried ot find some in Australia and we're not sure it's here ... or what it looks like, if we were to run into it on the street.

    You are taking the buyer-backdown very well, all things considered. It'll all work out, and this will just seem like a distant memory!!

    PS Is that ladder one of your children?

  2. Oh, commiserations about the house, how frustrating, but you're being very chipper about it so good on you. Meanwhile, can I steal that T-shirt?! LOVE it.

  3. Ugh! Buyer backout totally sucks! Did you have any earnest money or from them or a contract with them? That's the lawyer's wife in me asking. You are such an amazing mom - I have always been so amazed and inspired by you. I tried calling you in between patients a couple weeks ago and spoke to your hubby instead. I just wanted to tell you that although I rarely comment, I love your blog and feel like even though we're rarely in touch, I still can keep in touch with what's going on with you and your beautiful family. I would love to talk to you at some point!

  4. Your kids sound pretty amazing, a reflection of your awesome parenting I'd say! So sorry about the house, the right buyer will be just around the corner, hang in there..x

  5. Bummer! Sounds like you're in for a bit of a ride - but if anyone can do it you can! What a cool t-shirt, and to make clothes for your little sister's doll, what an angel. Those kids are lucky to have a resourceful and resilient Mama like you - look after YOURSELF xo Scream

  6. Ugh... so sorry to hear about the buyer backing out... & charmed by great projects completed by your children!

  7. Ugh. Why do people insist on throwing spanners in the works like that? I am incredibly impressed on how you are handling it! I hope your house sells quickly. What clever kiddliwinks you have. I love the t-shirt. The Princess Bride is one of my favourite movies. And as for the CPK makeover, go Mojy! You rock!

  8. Oh, what a pain about the house! Love how crafty your kids are though, that shirt is brilliant!!


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