Saturday, November 27, 2010

And the winner is...

...the fabulous Make Mine Mid-Century!  I'll be shipping out your set o' produce bags within the week, Carmel, assuming that you email me with your details.

In case you're wondering as to the status of the Boxes Unpacked Tally, I stopped counting at 142.  Lots of those were exciting things like kitchen gear and food (yes, Danielle, I packed food...not leaving 20 cans of tomatoes for the new owners, thank you very much!) and tomorrow, heaven help me, we'll start on the books.  We'll also be bringing home the dryer, thank goodness---I've got more laundry to do than any of you would care to think about, and with temps in the mid-20's, hanging the skivvies to dry outside ranks pretty low on my list of Things to Do.

The house is coming along, but hasn't quite reached "cozy" status in my book.  Actually, my short-term goal is to be able to see the entire dining room floor by Chanukah. You've gotta start somewhere, I always say...


  1. Thank you! Excited I am about my next rip to the supermarket!

    Hope you didn't lose a child in the move ... have you accounted for them all?

  2. Yeah, love MMMC, she's totally cool!! Happy unpacking, it's a whole new level of exhaustion. Love Posie

  3. giveaways and unpacking - my heart beats wildly!!


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