Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just checking in.

Sometimes I let my perfectionism get the better of me.  (Stop laughing, all of you.  I can so be perfectionistic! Mostly in my head, though.)  I put off posting because I haven't had a chance to upload my pictures, or because I have some misguided feeling that I should feed/bathe/entertain the spawn, or because I just don't have anything very exciting to write about.  James Joyce said it better than I ever could:
No pen, no ink, no table, no room, no time, no quiet, no inclination. 
 Sometimes I find myself lacking in one (or all) of those departments, and often I just can't get it together.  Like today.  The morning passed in the typical flurry of carpools, laundry and dishes.  The afternoon, heaven help me, was all about house hunting.  (And a leak in the furnace, and a birthday party that somehow escaped the calendar...)
But I wanted to tell you about the earrings I made in the wee smalls, after I finally lulled the littlest to sleep.  And about the fascinating new game that Chevi's worked out:  "Mommy, would you rather I was a hunchback, or a dog?"  "Would it be better to drown or get hit by a car?"  (I'm reserving a spot with a good therapist tomorrow.  For both of us.)  And about the thrift shop I've been frequenting, and the little treasures I've unearthed there.


  1. they say the funniest things, that's hilarious! I love those sheets & what a score finding those button jars!

  2. Sounds like my 7 yr old! A Hunchback dear, definitely a Hunchback....we already have 3 dogs :-) Nice finds at the thrift shop!

  3. still laughing!! from the perfectionist part... hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! :P

  4. Chevi's a cheery sausage! Them's hard questions to answer ... hunchback vs dog? So many pros and cons for both sides ... no one you feel paralysed sometimes.

    We'll wait ... like some of those sheeties.


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