Sunday, February 20, 2011

All out of lobes.

It's official.  I have more earrings than I can possibly wear. 

I figured my teenaged daughter could pick up the slack, but between us, we're still outnumbered. 

So I'm thinking I may give selling them a go, but where do I begin?  EtsyArtfire?  Alongside the road?

And what about photos?  (Clearly, this is an area where I need some work.)

  What on earth would I call my shop?  Surely littlegreenbums" would be inappropriate...

How does one price these things?  

And what in the world shall I do with this bevy of buttons?
Tell all, Gentle Readers, tell all!


  1. Wendy, I love love love the earrings!! Scope out the Etsy scene and see what other people are charging for similar earrings for pricing. I think your pictures are fine, but if you're concerned, you can buy a small remnant of dark velour or velvet. I think jewelry looks great on those backgrounds. But I am not the expert. Also, I would love to take some of those off your hands when you figure out pricing. You should try your hand at bracelets/necklaces. The possibilities are endless! Save some for gifts, too!

  2. They all look gorgeous Wendy. As far as pricing goes, the best tip I have is to put a price on them that you would happily pay if you were buying them yourself from someone else. Get your kids to suggest names for your shop. I'm sure they will have some great ideas. Think hard before you name your shop on Etsy though because you can't change your mind at a later date. You could just go for simple and use your name. As for those buttons, I think you should cover the back of a chair with them. Or glue them on to hair barrettes for your girls.

  3. Ooh. How about 'Lobe Candy' if it's not already taken?

  4. check out etsy not only will you get some idea of price its a great place for inspiration in presenting your goods for photos. There is the whole US dollar thingo (everything is priced in US dollars) but others clearly seem to cope with that. Good Luck Im in the process myself of setting up an etsy shop and selling
    Little green bums in french is petite fond vert pronounce petite fon vere (like where). Could be good in another language ;)

  5. send meeeeeeee some!!! my earrings that I made last yr broke so I need new ones!!!!

  6. YAY!! Wendy, you totes should have a go at selling.
    I would try Etsy ( only because I know it) and like the others check out other pricings etc.
    As for the photos well I am no help to you as you've seen my skill in photography!
    And well perhaps I'm weird ( ok I am) but I like Little Green Bums, it's such distinctive and original for a Jeweller. I bet there is no one on Etsy called that, and it would sure make you stand out.
    But you could also be Little Green Gems, or even Two many Lobes

  7. You know, I never really notice a seller's name on etsy.

    I'm just interested in what they're selling ... and if that's green bums, and I'm in the market for green bums, then all the better.

    But, you should sell those ear accoutrements on etsy. Seriously.

  8. I say Etsy as well. Very simple to use. I have no idea on the price of earrings (I never look cause I don't have my ears pierced). As for photos...there are heaps of tutorials on how to get really great product shots. Look in the Etsy help section and you should find stuff.


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