Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Creative Space: For Kara

It's been brought to my attention that littlegreenbums has been suffering in the shadow of always greener.  There's been a manic amount of crafting going on here---from noon till night, and most often into the wee hours.  On the plus side, the shop is doing pretty well, all things considered.  But apparently I haven't kept you good folk up to date on the the non-craft aspect of life in the Little House.

First of all, we're trying like mad to get out of our (squishy little) rental house.   So there's been much packing of boxes and sorting of stuff.  (Always a big hit in my book...)  Luckily, our landlords are trying to sell the house while we're still living in it, which makes for giggles and snorts all around---8 people, 8.3 billion boxes, and an estate agent popping through with all manner of lookie-lous...

Camp looms just ahead.  More packing, sorting, ordering, and stressing---but in a good way.  New premises this year, which means a total restructuring of the Art Room.  Looking forward.  Lots.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...we took the kiddos on an afterschool field trip yesterday evening.
  We loaded the troops into the Mom-Mobile, and headed out to Rubicon, WI to the farm store.  Much fun was had by all, and I'll be whipping up a fresh batch of yogurt ce soir.
On the way home, of course, I had a carful of children bleating for a pet goat.

Craft-wise, (sorry, Kara...) there's been lots of scurrying back and forth between cutlery drawer and garage.

Whaddaya think?  (It's a pendant, silly.)

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  1. I miss you and all your bleating children. Have fun packing and packing and packing. Good luck!

  2. I love the pendant.
    I want a pet goat too,
    please please pretty please xo

  3. That pendant is awesome Wendy! I'm amazed that you have time for any crafting at all with all the packing and children herding. Maybe you should get a goat. It could eat all the cardboard boxes you have left over after you move.

  4. now that's what I'm talking about!! miss you guys! everybody looks great!

  5. love love love that pendant. beautiful!


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