Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday is Funday

I took myself to the bead shop for a little Mother's Day celebration. Because, as we discussed earlier, I'm a horror to shop for. 

Then I came home and did some dishes.  And some laundry.  And made two pairs of earrings.  And a necklace.  And got an Etsy order.  And took many pictures of be-dandelioned children. 

Now, for some reason entirely beyond my ken, I'm knackered.  And I know if I go lay down with She Who Must Be Weaned, I'll be out for the night.  Which is less good than it sounds, for there is laundry to be done.  And lunches to be made.  (Because despite Chevi's best intentions, an apple, an orange, and a Fruit Roll Up does not, in most circles, constitute a lunch.  Dang.)  There are even orders to be filled, which is a wondrous and delightful thing.  So the whole "early to bed" dealio isn't happening tonight.

How was your Mother's Day?


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you, Wendy.

    You're one of my favourite mothers in the whole world! You're funny. You're honest. You're creative and hardworking. You believe in something bigger than you, and I think Faith's important. And you have six children who look like they're loved. The end.

  2. I am sure you had a wonderful mother's day!


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