Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Child Labor

I herded the wee one into the studio this morning and set her to work sorting buttons while I worked on a new bracelet.  She got bored pretty quickly, though, and raided my fabric stash for dress-ups.  (Which is fine, since absolutely none of my sewing machines is functional at the moment. )

Then she helped me take pictures for the shop.  She's a tough taskmaster, that one.  Like my fancy backdrop?  That would be a stack of cardstock, thank you very much.  After all my hard work building a lightbox...

Now we're making supper.   (Mac and cheese, split pea soup, and corn muffins.  Not gourmet, but should please three very specific people.)  Whatever will I do when this one toddles off to school?  Besides weep?

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  1. She's so cute! I can only imagine what you'll do when she starts school. That bracelet is gorgeous.


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