Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Creative Space: Sniff.

The germies have won this war.  Whatever little virus my kidlets have been passing around has hit the mama, and she's fallen, hard.  My throat is raw, my ears are itchy, and I have a hacking cough that makes me sound like an 80 year old man.  Jealous?  And in spite of it all, I'm plugging away, trying to get the shop back on track.  "All very nice," you say?  "Show us the craft," you implore?

So here it is.

I'm planning to do my first craft show next Sunday, and I needed to come up with a quick and cheap way to display my jewelry.   So I raided the garage and came up with a trio of collage frames that lost their glass in the move, and sprayed them with my old standby, Dark Walnut.  Then I cut foamcore to fit the frames and covered it with a piece of coffee sack I had left over from another project.  I stapled the burlapped  boards in place, and started playing around with display setups.    (Don't worry---this is just a portion of what I've got to sell.  There will be a rash of impromptu display-making throughout the week, I'm sure. 

See?  I just used some shiny little sewing pins to hold them in place---nice and flexible for ADD Girl's constantly changing idea-go-round.

More spaces here.


  1. Oooooh, very nice. At first I could not understand what you were talking about with all of the stuff you were looking for in the garage. The finished product is awesome! I hope you feel better and ooooh the itchy ears are the worst. I describe it like this: Itchy Eustacian sp? tubes that I need pipe cleaners or toothbrushes to cram in there to relieve the itch. AAAAGGGGGGHHHHH! Hatzlochah at the craft show! Miss you!- Leah

  2. Poor you!! Hope your feeling better soon. I love the frames. They look brilliant. Good job! xxx

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