Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday was...

...functional.  Lots of laundry, lots of dishes, a little picture-taking, a little jewelry-making. 

In a Pod (coming soon to the shop, unless I decide I have to keep them!)

Some erranding, some baking, and a little work on theEtsy shop.  Some odds and ends got done around the house: hook hanging, shelf-building, and the like, but I was more of a consultant than an actual participant on those jobs.  The little girls spent the better part of their morning listening to Robert Munsch and "cleaning their room" which somehow involved chalk, Chinese jump-rope, and lots of horses.  The guys had school in the morning and assorted play dates in the afternoon, so the home-front was relatively quiet. 

How did you spend your Sunday?  Did you sign up for my goody-bag giveaway yet?


  1. I love the new earrings.
    I went to the market, and worked on a new bear head on Sunday xo

  2. a busy day at your place! I pottered about markets yesterday, all alone, at my leisure it was nice..I can't see any pictures on blogs at the moment, our computer is running so slow, but I'll be back to check out your work when the speed picks up over here!

  3. How cute are those earrings! Pity I don't have my ears pearced...oh well. Your Sunday sounds busy. Which day do you sit around with your feet up and do nothing?


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