Monday, December 19, 2011

%(^$&! I Screwed Up Again! (or "Momma's Got a New Keychain.")

I'm slaving away like a madwoman to get ready for my Show Number Three, and here's what I've got to show for it:

And this.  (Keep Calm and Pay Attention, Woman!)

And this. (Tricky, no?)

And, embarrassingly, this.  (Failure to plan...)

I take significant pride in the fact that I'm a spell-check with a pulse, but apparently this neurosis talent does not carry over to metal.  I've got a nice little stack of silver-plated mess-ups piled up on the floor next to the workbench, and I think I've figured out to do with them.  I'm gonna make me a windchime!  Because, really, the thought of just chucking those laboriously scavenged, polished, cut and systematically screwed up bits of flatware just rubs me the wrong way.

Meanwhile, I almost managed to do this one right---I was so excited!---and then I fudged the last letter.  So I've got a fancy new keyring, complete with wonky "n."

No biggie...Like the fabulous Jess, I can handle the wonk. 


  1. OOOOPS!!!
    Yeah embrace the wonk! IF the N was straight it wouldn't be nearly so groovy.
    And I reckon a wind chime is the goer of all your little er quirkies., and one day when your super famous, and dead ( sorry but we are all mortal, even you) it will go for a fortune, and be a real collectors piece


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