Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Creative Space: Working On It...

Now that we're surrounded by half-unpacked boxes and can't put our hands on anything we need, ever,
settled in the new house, I figured it was time to jump in to the My Creative Space game over at kootoyoo. This is the first time I've had an actual room of my own to work in, and I'm percolating plans accordingly.  My goal, naturally, is to use what I've got, or can score for free, rather than breaking the bank on furnishing and organizing my space.  Duh.

This breakfront used to live in our dining room, but Mrs. Doctor's streamlined design has made it redundant, and it's been liberated.  Mine!  Like most everything else in my "studio," it could use a nice, long sandpaper massage, followed by a brisk rubdown with a cheery coat of paint.  Like most everything else in my studio, it'll have to wait.  I tend to balk at big projects, in favor of those instant-gratification-type quickies that I can start and finish in the span of a 20-month-old's nap.  But believe you me, folks, as soon as the kiddos are all out of diapers and married off,  Mr. Benjamin Moore and I are going to town.

I lucked out on Freecycle the other day, and picked up a printer stand that accommodates both my sewing machine and serger quite nicely, with room to store my Dremel and a host of other power tools, to boot.  ( it PC to refer to the blender and the toaster as "power tools?")  Needless to say, this is Happy News.  (Especially for my boys, who snagged the old sewing table faster than you can say, "spray paint" to use as a nightstand in their room...)  I am truly all about function, but I need to know, people...when, exactly, do you expect 80's laminate will become as hip as my 50's retro dining table?

 I digress.  I'll bet you're starting to wonder if I actually make anything in my Haven o' Craft, or if I just talk about it a lot.   Well, to set your mind at ease, let me assure you that I have, indeed, made stuff in there.  Just yesterday evening, I attached a jump ring to a Scrabble tile pendant for Esti's friend's birthday present.  And last week, I whipped up those nifty bedskirts.  And some rice bags.  But, yeah, did I mention that the baby's trying to give up her naps?  And that all those kids who live here keep asking me to actually feed them?  Regularly?  And drive them places?  The Haven o' Craft isn't getting quite the workout I'd envisioned, but I'm working on that, too.


  1. Please, please, PLEASE don't tell me that you're going to paint that breakfront. Stain it, shellac it, but don't ruin that nice piece of woodwork with paint. Just my $0.02 suggestion.

    I was going to suggest Freecycle to you, but I see you already found it.

    Also love that you have a Dremel to go with your serger and sewing machine. That is just teh awesomeness, as the kiddies say nowadays.

  2. Hooray for Freecycle. I really need to Freecycle my old stuff.

  3. Great that you have your own space, and I'm totally with you on the instant gratification! Nic

  4. @Jon: You'll note that there aren't any closeups. It's in pretty rough shape. :)
    @Kirsty: Thanks for hosting us! Freecycle rocks!
    @Nic: They don't call me ADD-Girl for nothin'...

  5. Congrats on the new space. Isn't it satisfying to be able to create what you want almost out of thin air, without having to buy anything?

  6. I think you should paint it! sorry slave to my bull dog, but ive always thought that things that stand above eyeheight should be in a lovely favourite hue chosen by the owner. Just because she can.
    Is anyone hosting a Paint That Cupboard That Youve Always Longed To space? Perhaps we should....


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