Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just call me Noah.

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We're scrounging for wood. And nails. And chicken wire. And maybe a little paint. Because, ladies and jellybeans, the time has build an ark. (Well, it's a "chicken tractor" here in the States, but the UK-inspired "ark" sounds like much more fun, dontcha think?) I never fancied myself a carpenter, but I did take Woodshop in middle school, and I'm hoping that the chooks won't be too terribly particular about their living quarters.

Believe it or not, this chicken-selection-process is pretty challenging. We at Littlegreenbums Ranch are looking for a flock of cold-hardy, kid-friendly, prolific egg layers, and I'm pleased as punch to share our secret chicken-pickin' tool with you, my loyal readers. (Hi, Jon! Hi, Karen!)  Based on our particular needs, we'll most likely be ordering a half-dozen Australorps and a pair of Easter Eggers.  The Easter Eggers lay blue or green eggs, and I just can't help myself.  The 'lorps will lay brown eggs, and plenty of them, and both breeds are purportedly docile and friendly.  We're being inspired by the folks over at Urban Chickens and Little House in the Suburbs, as well as loads of other chicken-keepers out there. 

I'll keep you posted as the chick-prep progresses!


  1. I may have to hop a Greyhound just to see this spectacle...but I still think you should consider adding the miniature cow to your menagerie.

  2. Yay for chickens! We keep Black and Red stars and Americanas. You'll love having them. I look forward to seeing what you guys build for your ladies :)

  3. as a loyal reader, I am offended at the lack of shout out! :)

  4. Hi, Lori! And Chava! (I'm beginning to feel like the Romper Room lady...)

  5. AS long as you're no raising roosters that crow all night and day like the lady across the street from us who we not so fondly refer to as the "chicken lady" (esp. at 4AM on a nice spring night with the windws open)!


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