Monday, February 1, 2010


I finally finished unpacking the kids' books tonight.  No small task, this...we've filled 4 tall shelves full of our accumulated literary treasures.  Mind you, they're not organized yet---just sorted into rudimentary divisions of fiction and non-fiction, novels and picture books.  I did try to group like with like, for the most part--- the Robert Munsch books together,  the Curious Georges, the Annes , the Raggedy Anns..but I never manage to find a way to keep them sorted for long, anyway.
I have a penchant for kiddie lit, and seem to pick up books wherever I go.  I never met a thrift shop I didn't like, and when yard sale season starts there are "new" books to be had at every corner.  My own well-worn copy of Linda Richards: America's First Trained Nurse is in our collection, as is my Fog Magic and Hans Brinker.  There are dozens of volumes on each shelf that I could recite in my sleep (and probably do, for that matter).  There are some that I'd read when I couldn't sleep--the literary equivalent of warm milk.  And there are some that I drop behind the couch when the kids turn their backs ---stupid almost-namesake-Bears!--and pretend that I just can't find them.


  1. Of course I read your post, and I'm wondering whether or not Linda Richards wrote about getting all kinds of "shpilkis in her genechtagazoink." Then I realize that it's Linda Richards, not Linda Richman. I guess that just goes to show you how my mind is working this evening.

  2. Tell me about your bookshelves...(I'm in the market).


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