Tuesday, February 2, 2010

O happy day!

I bit the bullet and covered two ugly milk crates. As Akiva told me when he was four years old, "My heart is filled with gleed." I didn't really get what he was talking about till I finished making these.  (It scares me a little that I can get a rush like this from crate covers.)  This was the perfect project for me: quick, simple, and utterly useful.  I was able to put the pair of them together in just under 3 hours, and that included supper, 2 diaper changes, a broken needle, my first attempt at using bias tape, 17 re-threads ---don't ask....this machine is making me insane!---and a spontaneous decision to add a freezer-paper stencil to the mix.  The tutorial is over at Laura Gunn's website, and it's ridiculously easy to follow. And my crates look like they shop at Pottery Barn.


  1. these are cool, i just got hold of 4 milk crates and was wondering what to do with them, so thanks :)


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