Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Creative Space: The Big Screen

I've been meaning to bust out the screen printing set since I bought it.  Really, I have.  But it's one of those Big Projects With Many Steps.  So finally, after a ludicrous amount of hemming and hawing, I prepared the screen at 11:00 on Monday night.  Then, on Tuesday, I took my design to Staples and had them copy it onto transparencies.  On Wednesday, I made my screen sandwich and hoped fervently for a ray of sunlight.  No dice.
This morning, I lucked out, though.  The skies were bluish, and I was able to expose the screen.  There was birdsong and much jubilation.  So much jubilation, in fact, that I forgot about the screen I'd left baking on the front porch for a good 15 minutes.   (Not a good idea, in case you were planning to try it.)  The rinsing process was significantly slowed down by the overexposed screen, but after a long soggy battle, the kitchen sprayer and I were victorious, and the screen was ready to print.
A swell time was had by all.

I seem to have a little bit of an addiction developing, though.
(The onesie tipped me off.)

Thanks to Ashley for her fantastic tutorial, and to Kirsty for hosting us!


  1. it looks great ... and so professional looking.

  2. Good for you - there's nothing like seeing your first print! Lovely idea too! Nic


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