Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Creative Space: A Little Bit Wonky

So, getting the lumber pre-cut was a good idea.  The framework for the run went up pretty durned quick ,to my unabashed delight.  The tricky part (you know, the bit that's consumed the most of two days and will, no doubt, devour my Thursday in huge, hacking gulps?) has been screwing the hardware cloth to the framework.*  We're talking quadrillions of screws and washers here, folks.  (Not to mention more trips to the hardware hop to buy said screws and washers than I really care to recall...) 

And in case you're wondering, you can't just walk into Lowe's and tell the guy that you need some 3" screws.  Because then, he will indubitably give you regular screws, when what you're really after are exterior deck screws.  And obviously, there is a vast and endlessly significant difference between these two sorts of screws, and you should really, really know better.  (If you think for one millisecond that I returned to the hardware store to exchange the inappropriate screws for a box of hardware better suited to the task, you thought very wrong. I'll take the consequences of my recklessness on the chin, thank you very much, but I will not make a  Lowe's run thrice in a 24 hour period.  Nuh-uh.)

Tomorrow is Hinge-the-Fourth-Wall-to-the-Existing-Three Day, and we're all looking forward. 

In case, heaven forfend, my little venture in carpentry has inspired you to try building a chicken run of your very own, take heed: 

If your hardware cloth is 3 feet wide, you should not, for the love of all that is holy, skip blithely forward and make your run 3 feet tall.  Read my lips:  2' 8".  How I wish some enlightened soul had shared this single pearl of wisdom with me.

Zip over to Kirsty's and "chick" out this week's Creative Spaces.


  1. oh, thanks for the wisdom, because, yes, I am now feeling inspired to order those chooks I have been longing for, but put off because I am in need of a coop!

  2. You are a champion!!! Looks fantastic so far. Just keep singing, "I am woman hear me roar!". Can't wait to see it finished (no pressure though) :)

  3. Indeed very cool, you are very handy. I look forward to seeing the final one. :D

  4. looks good so far. cute picture with the chicken :)

  5. I bow before you, oh Builder of The Hutch, for you are awesome.


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