Saturday, May 15, 2010

In which I soar to new heights of housewifery, carpentry, and general spazziness

Baked my first kokosh cake.  (You might call it a babka, but, really, the two are vastly different.  Pay attention.)  Really yum.  Really over-the-top fattening.  Really worth it...on occasion.

Built the nest-boxes, which have (sadly, literally) kept me awake nights.  Lots of nights.  I am so not a spatial thinker, and this was an absolute nightmare for the likes of me.  It actually came together fairly well in real-life, but while I was working it out in my head (over and over) it was terrifying.

Still need to add the flap, lock, and paint the whole kit and kaboodle.  But this is big progress, gang.

The coop, from the street, is a sedate coppery color, which blends nicely with the peachy brick of our humble abode.  But on the other side, where the neighbors can't see it, we have...
The Gangplank of Utter Fabulousness!
Makes me giggle just to look at it.

Gigantic plans for the morrow include putting up the roof (!) 
making the laptop sleeve my eldest has requested, 
and cooking and baking for Shavuous.
(Also trolling for nifty birthday ideas for our littlest princess' second birthday!)


  1. Love the gangplank! Really nice touch!

  2. remind me again...what possessed you to get chickens?

  3. Oh I love that gangplank! Now you just need a chandelier and the chickens will be set!

  4. I"M SOOO GLAD you are PROUD!!


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