Monday, May 17, 2010

My Blonde Measuring Skills Strike Again...

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My big kiddo just blew a year's worth of babysitting cash on a laptop. Needless to say, she wasn't especially keen to drop another chunk of change on a boring, black case for said laptop. She put in her request for a mommy-made sleeve for her new toy on the way home from the store. I agreed to give it a try, and scouted around blogland for an easy tutorial. I decided on this cutie over at Amy a la Mode. It looked utterly do-able, I had everything I needed on hand, and it only had three pattern pieces. Even I couldn't screw it up, right?

Bear with me for a moment. Let me tell you about my sewing machine.

My machine and I have a classic love-hate relationship. I bought her at a thrift shop in Rochester for thirty bucks (love). I got home and discovered that she didn't so much have a presser foot (hate). I took it to my repair guy, and he said that he could fix her up for cheap (love). His "cheap" and my "cheap" were in different tax brackets (hate). I got her home and she worked like a charm (love). Except that, really, I didn't know how to sew (hate). But I could fake it with the best of them, and I made all manner of cool things (love). In spite of the fact that the thread breaks roughly every thirty stitches and the bobbin thread cuts out every minute or so for reasons entirely unknowable to me, the repair guy, or anyone else. (DOUBLE HATE).

So this week's sewing session, like every sewing session, I'm afraid,  was punctuated with colorful words I can't be persuaded to print here.  The final product does serve its purpose, and it's even pretty, in its own wonky little way.  But I'm starting to wonder whether I should leave the fabric arts to those more competent than myself and stick to my tried and true instant gratification dealios. 

It's been a very. long. week.  (Yes, I know it's Monday...)


  1. It looks great in the picture...don't give up!

  2. The case looks fantastic (and so does your machine!). Have you tried loosening the bobbin screw a little to make the tension a little looser and adjusting the tension on the top of the machine? A new needle every week, using the correct needle for the project and oiling it are my other suggestions. Good luck with it!

  3. No, don't give up; it looks great. New laptop is on my list in about a month- so, so excited. Now I think I might have to make a case - and it will look far, far wonkier that this. Wonkiness is in the eye of the beholder anyway....

  4. I'm just buying mine at target. LOL!

  5. case looks amazing!
    I also have a love/hate relationship & just pretend i can sew at times. as long as it's fun I'll keep trying.
    keep going, you are doing so well, and we can only get better :)
    have a sweet weekend Wendy


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