Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Buzz, buzz, buzz...Who's as busy as a bee?

Me!  I spent my Monday flitting in and out of the Haven o' Craft, ADD-ing my way through a plethora of projects that simply couldn't wait for me any longer. I did a little time at the sewing machine (finally!) finishing up this extremely belated baby gift.  Shayna punim means "pretty face" in Yiddish.  I freezer-papered the words on, and then added the skirt to cover up the splotch of ink I got on the onesie  kick up the Cute Factor a few notches.

Next, I hit the cutting station --ok, fine;  the trashpicked changing table---to slice up some pretty scrapbook paper for a set of these coasters for our new neighbors.  Lots of fumes=lots of fun!

Next on the agenda:  a too-cool dachshund shirt for our wiener-dog-mad Akiva, who's hoping against hope for the real thing.  (Keep hoping, kiddo.)  Thanks to Kari at Handmade Mommy and Red Door Home for the inspiration on this one....

At the intersection where TMI meets DIY,  I've been meaning to try Avivah's DIY deodorant recipe  (DIYodorant?) for ages now. Having finally treated myself to a new bottle of lavender oil, I gave it a go.  Easy-peasy, and the verdict is in:  success!

Mailed the soggy camera off to be repaired (I hope, I hope...) this morning.  Meanwhile, please bear with me and my algae-hued photos.


  1. Wow! Busy girl! I love the little onesie/dress and your son looks so happy with his daschund tee! I'm really loving learning more about Yiddish words and culture too. Have a great day (and hope your camera is fixed soon.)

  2. I'm with Cotton Kiwi-I like learning learning the Jewish stuff too.And TMI? What is this TMI??? No compute... Deodorant is on my list too - I think once I start making it it will be one of those 'never buy it again' products - like laundry liquid. Happy Wednesday! xx

  3. What a busy day! I love all of the things you worked on, especially the dachshund t-shirt.

  4. Love that t-shirt. Keep us updated about the deodorant- I am always looking for a good deo recipe- still haven't come across one i love. xo m.

  5. Hello Wendy! I wanted to e-mail but cannot find an e-mail link on your blog... so, I'm leaving a comment. I had another look at your blog yesterday (I think I took a peek when you signed on as a follower, but yesterday I had time to really look at it) I'm still laughing (and sympathizing) re: the super-title over your fav. blog list (why didn't you make supper mommy?) And your "Shayna Punim" onesie dress is wonderful (would you consider making one for my impending baby?) It reminds me of a shirt I made for my mom -- in big, pink, bubbly letters it said "BUBBE-LICIOUS." Glad you found me... glad I found you... Looking forward to reading more. MB

  6. P.S. The name of your blog, Little Green Bums? Please explain... I'm so curious!


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