Sunday, June 27, 2010

Camp Rocks.

The view from the bridge by the dining room takes my breath away.

As does the view from the bridge on the other side of the dining room.
The kids are taking advantage of the camp's many amenities, including the "Less-Stressed Mom" amenity.

And a modicum of crafting has finally gone down in the bungalow.
  A joyful reunion with my lives-at-camp-sewing-machine  and a last-minute adaptation of this tutorial---I added ties when I discovered that the only velcro I’d brought with me was of the sticky-backed variety---yielded  a full-coverage, very pink bib for Shani, who is not celebrated for her precision-eating skills. 

The bias tape at the neckline has some significant issues, but I was thoroughly impressed by the performance of this little sucker, and think that they’d make pretty nifty baby gifts.   (And, yes, she has a flower decal on her nose.  Adds to the overall effect, no?)
There’s been a  flurry of unpacking, sorting, and organizing in the art room, which looked like this when I arrived on Tuesday.  Not bad, but there were 21 additional boxes in storage when I took this photo.  
You'll note that I'm not posting any pictures of my back room, which stands to reason if you've seen it and is fairly self-explanatory if you haven't.  
 Lots of fun supplies to play with, though, and lots of planning still to come.


  1. Looks wonderful Wendy! Now you need to take an after shot of the craft room once you've unpacked it all.

  2. What a beautiful spot you are in. SOmewhere in there I hope you get to relax , and enjoy.
    PS Just to let you know "Charming Man" is gone, but I wake up this morning and I've another Smiths song in my noggin, "Ask". I wonder if this week I will slowly work through the album

  3. What a gorgeous place to be, enjoy! Love that sweet old sewing machine, just like my Mum's!

  4. Wonderful! What a beautiful view, and it looks like everyone is having a blast! Good idea for the smock, little bibs were just never in the right place. I almost feel like I'm on holiday too when I look at your blog :)

  5. How beautiful! It's no wonder that you are brimming with creativity in such an amazing spot. Love the 'less stressed Mom' amenity. :o)

  6. This camp totally rocks, I agree. Looks like you are in for a relaxing and super crafty time.
    I found you at Julie's blog....I'm following so I can come back often.
    :) Jen


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