Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inside the mysterious bungalow...

...there is a makeshift kitchen, where I whip up all manner of vegetarian goodies to keep myself from gorging on camp fare.  Sometimes, though, I end up gorging on camp fare in addition to the aforementioned  vegetarian goodies, which leaves considerably less room for smug self-righteousness.  Regardless, with a little ingenuity and a rice-cooker, it's amazing what you can get on the table. 


  1. Wendy, your adventures in humanity/reality help me through the day. Husband bought a rice cooker for me for mother's day. I love it. So far I've made white basmati rice, brown basmati rice, sushi rice and barley. Love to hear about more adventurous concoctions.


  2. ha ha I do that! Make a wonderful low-fat meal for myself, then eat all the kids crunchy fried cheesy leftovers! Well done making anything in the little kitchette - I've heard great things about rice cookers.


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