Friday, June 11, 2010

Catching up...

  • 10 dozen challah rolls
  • 2 massive pots of soup
  • 1 four layer cake
  • 1 uber-kitschy, sweetly retro, maddeningly temperamental Hotpoint oven
  • 6 camp physicals
  • 2 failed vision screenings
  • 3 yard sales
  • 4 korker bows
  • 1 4:30 AM flight to Baltimore (Hubs got to go...not me.)
  • 100 meatballs
  • 3 trips to the grocery store (grr...)
  • 1 camera (fixed?  I hope, I hope!) en route from Laredo, TX

And you wonder why I haven't been posting?

Recipes for Jess and Mistress Bloom on Sunday...


  1. Slow down! Slow down! You'll give yourself a hernia! Hope you get some 'me' time in amongst all of this.

  2. 1 sister who spent the entire night in ER. I win. Call me when convenient you for.

  3. A recipe for me? I'm so excited... I can't wait!


Thanks for taking the time to makes me feel a little less like I'm talking to myself again.