Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Creative Space: Sugar and Spice

In a week and a half, the kiddos and I head out for the summer.  After 17 hours on the road, we'll roll up to our home away from home: Camp Dina in the Poconos Mountains, where I'm privileged to run the Arts and Crafts program.  We'll spend the next 7 weeks at camp, but we're coming back a bit early this year for my oldest son's Bar Mitzvah.  Since we'll be hosting several meals for friends and family in our home, I decided to spend my creative time today getting a jump on some the baking.  All of the dry ingredients for my cakes get measured out and ziplocked, and the cookie dough gets mixed, shaped, and frozen raw.  That way, when we get home I'll just have to throw everything in the oven and we'll be set to go. (Other than the little details, like, oh---I don't know---the cooking...)
So far today's tally looks like this:
  • 4 batches of brownies
  • 4 batches of Black and Whites
  • 4 batches of chocolate-chocolate chip cookies
  •  3 Whole-Wheat Crumb Cakes
  • 4 batches of Maki's White Cake
There's still plenty more to prepare before we take off, but I feel like today's baking spree gave me a little bit of a head start.  On the agenda for tomorrow?  Meringues, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, and peanut butter bars.

On another note, I'm still trolling for quick, reasonably impressive projects (for older kids and teens) that can be accomplished in a 1-hour timeframe.  I'd love to pick your brains if you have any ideas to share...

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  1. Wow you really are busy with your baking Wendy! What a great idea getting all the ingrediants measured out and put in bags. I may have to use that one for Eloise's b-day party. As for quick projects for older kids and teens, there's a sock monkey tute on my page. If you do the machine sewing beforehand, it would be a fairly quick project. Other suggestions would be making simple electronics cases from felt, pottery decorating on to cups or mugs using pottery pens; or freezer paper stencilling on to t-shirts(which could get messy but is very impressive). You could get the them to bring their own t-shirt or bag to stencil and have an idea on the ready so that it's quick for them to do when they come. My only other suggestion would be to contact your local high school art teacher and ask them! Good luck!

  2. More ideas later, but one that jumps out at me is glass etching.

    A small jar of glass etching paste will go a LONG way. Yes, there are icky, skin-eating chemicals involved, but presumably older kids can be trusted (WHAT am I saying?)

    As you know perfectly well, thrift stores are awash in glassware.

    Designs can be free-styled or simple stencils.

    I still marvel at some dragons I put on pub glasses for Dave's birthday some years back.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful camp! I'd love to have you as a teacher ( lucky kiddos)
    WIll put my thinking cap on. In the meantime , a stupid question from me, what is White Cake?

  4. Good idea on the pre-baking! Making jewellery from beads is an easy project, you just need some beads, some elastamon and maybe some earring hooks. Have a lovely camp-time!

  5. 7 week vacation..WOW, I am totally jealous..Totally sounds like you have a great start on all that baking..What a dessert feat it will be!

  6. How much fun!!..And super organised with the baking, nice idea!

  7. baka-poolooza! What a whiz you are-sounds like you are very lucky and will have an amazing time...teens love anything friendship related, woven bands to exchange, etc might be good?
    Have a fabulous time camping!

  8. For craft projects have you visited "Crafty Crow"? The projects are sorted into categories by theme & also by age. Another blog to check out is "One Pretty Thing".

    I used to visit my grandparents in the Poconos during the summer. They stayed in a funky little bungalow colony along with a bunch of my great-aunts & great-uncles. My cousin & I would sit around visiting with all the relatives, read endless piles of novels & occasionally rouse ourselves to go off & pick some blueberries...

    I hope you have fun, fun, fun!

  9. Hi Wendy, hope camp is a whole lotta fun, I came across this tute for flower garlands from old catalogues. It's gorgeous- might be a good one for the

  10. Wow! That's a great idea, but sounds like so much work!! You must have bought a whole lot of flour in bulk!! xo m.

  11. Wow, your preparation is amazing! I hope you have a fantastic time on camp, will we hear from you? I'm tring to think of some ideas for your art & craft classes but I'm drawing a blank. I'm sure you will find some great ideas online. Bags, t-shirts, cushions, softies, beading, clay, journals, there a few ideas! Have fun & take care xo

  12. You bake-a-holic! That's some serious sweetness you've got happening!! Enjoy your camp :)

  13. P.S. I'm impressed by all your baking prep. I thought about baking & freezing some cakes for the bris in July. I thought about it for about 2 seconds... or maybe 3. Then I decided that the entire affair would be catered by Trader Joes (just call me lazy-mama.)

    Bon voyage!

  14. yum, wish I could come on camp with you!

  15. Oh, this looks very cool...

    an origami glider that you can keep afloat for a long time. looks to be very zen, yet there is much chasing and concentration involved!


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