Monday, June 7, 2010

Teacher Appreciation

Although we're homeschoolers, Akiva attends the local public school for the reading/writing block.  Tomorrow is his last day, so he wanted to bring in something special for each of the teachers who work with him.  He made  three bookmarks ---hammered hearts for the ladies, and a manly stamped washer one for the "boy teacher."---and attached them to  notes for each of his teachers.  

The inscriptions made my night:

Dear Mrs. Powers,
I thank you for a great year at Windsor.  I hope you like the bookmark.
Akiva B.

That done, he turned his attention to his in-class tutor.  "Can I write the same thing?" he wondered.  "You could," I told him, "but it wouldn't be very classy."  He thought for a minute, then produced this little gem:

Dear Mrs. Raftis,

My imagination is limited when it comes to writing.  Thank you for a fantastic year.
Your friend,

"Almost done, " he reported. "Just need to do one for Mr. Sharkey."  (Mr. Sharkey is the classroom teacher, and Akiva worships him a little.)

Dear Mr. Sharkey,
I don't know about you, but I've had a fantastic year.  I've learned so much from you and I thank you for that.  Please don't brag to the other teachers that your card is the biggest.  I hope you like the bookmark.

P.S.  You should watch Hogan's Heroes.

I couldn't have said it better myself.


  1. Just gorgeous!! What a sweet little man you've raised.
    ( love the last one especially) xo

  2. Akiva is so sweet!!! (All your kids, too)

  3. These are absolutely adorable notes. Thanks for visiting me what you do outside with window frames! :)

  4. That's priceless - I particularly love the bit about the bragging! Really cute.

  5. Those notes are priceless!! Very thoughtful and classy =)

  6. Too cute! Fantastic that your son writes thank you notes to his teachers. Thank you notes are the best!
    (and thanks for the encouraging words about thrifting! ;O) )

  7. So cute. Love the bragging bit. Hilarious yes honest and sincere! xo m.

  8. God-thats incredibly cute, love the honesty and the kindness of the 'don't brag' message...what a darling.

  9. Please tell my friend that i am waiting for a card also (maybe for some flat tires that i repumped?,,,,)


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