Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A little procrastination is good for the soul.

Isn't it?  This is what I did yesterday in an effort to avoid cooking for Sukkos.  (Don't ask how Shani occupied herself  while I abandoned the fabric paints to answer the phone...)

Of course, I managed to get in a fair bit of sukkah decorating, as well...
...and hung up last year's Very Green Decorations (which make me giggle every time I see them).  More to come, folks...more to come.


  1. 1) love the yarmulke....(i have an upsherin coming up in december fyi, but im just saying)
    2) love the pose
    3) whats a green decoration consist of??( you crack me up, you and my mother make great hippies no wonder you get along so well in the bungalow)

  2. D--
    I'm always happy to fill custom orders...
    Send me a blank kippah and I'll be happy to oblige.

  3. The yarmulke looks fantastic. (And remember, you weren't avoiding cooking you were prioritising your time! Well, that's what I always tell myself anyway ...)

  4. Ha! If a little procrastination is good for the soul, then I must have one hell of a healthy soul!!!


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