Monday, September 20, 2010

Seven Snaps

Somewhere in the relatively recent scheme of Bernstein Family culture emerged a little gem of a game that we call Seven Snaps.  The snaps are an allusion, of course, to Mary Poppins' famous nursery-tidying-trick.  (...and snap!  The job's a game!)

Here's the lowdown:  You have seven snaps.  You can use them to set anything to rights---from the state of your bedroom to the national debt.  What are they? 

Snap!  50 pounds gone!
Snap!  Laundry.
Snap! Kitchen.
Snap! Divine the whereabouts of the long-lost Magic School Bus               DVD---and  get the library off my back.
                                                                                                        Snap! Win the lotto! (Hey, who said we had to play fair?)
Snap!  Find a house.
Snap! Make Shani forget what Gummi Bear, Charlie, and Babies Laughing are.  (Because some of us are trying to write a
 blog, here, you know?)

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