Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh, yeah. We're back.

I forgot to tell you in all the excitement yesterday that we made it back alive---and dry!---from Milwaukee.  At one point, Shani was begging---nay, pleading---with us to stop the car so that she could use the facilities.  As we were on the highway, headed through downtown Chicago, the chances of pulling over for a pit stop were looking pretty danged slim:

"It's ok, sweetie, " I was forced to concede.  "You can use your Pull Up."
"I want baaa-froom," she moaned.

Don't ask.  There was traffic.  There was significantly unfamiliar terrain.  There was a mostly empty 2-liter Pepsi bottle in the back seat and a pair of sharp-enough scissors in the glove box. (I said you shouldn't ask, right?)  Suffice it to say that we fashioned a DIY potty just in the nick of time.  How's that for an upcycle, baby?


  1. I think your family is very lucky, in deed, to have such an incredibly creative, and quick-on-you-feet problem-solving wife/mother. Once, again, kol hakavod!

  2. Doesn't matter how many children you have, you just need one who is desperate for the bathroom to unravel your driving trip. Love Posie

  3. well, points for inventiveness, but the euww factor is waaay up there.

  4. Oh that's brilliant, I'm sure I could find those things in my car if I look in all the rubbish.


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