Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Creative Space: Oops! I did it again.

My name is Wendy, and I have a vintage sewing machine problem.  I have 4 of them, now.  At the beginning, I told myself I'd only do it once.  Just one 1950's Singer to call my own, to sew the odd seam, should the need arise.  It was mine for a song, and I got shivery every time I opened its mint-green case.
Then we moved, and I was living in a rental with the kiddos while the hubs and most of our stuff were across the country in our old house.  And there was this thrift shop, see, and---well, it was only thirty bucks!  And last year, we were at a yard sale, and I found this great little table.  And I got it for five bucks!  And when we went to put it in the car, well, we found an antique sewing machine inside.  (I use it for a way was I paying to have that puppy restored...) So, for nearly a year, it was just me, my three sewing machines, and my wonky serger.  Until this afternoon, that is.  
Ten bucks!  Ten bucks!  I told myself sternly that I didn't need another bookend, and that "as is" was thrift shop lingo for "ten-dollar-bookend."   So I did what any good thrifter would do---I sent a kid to the checkout to see if we could haggle down to five bucks.  She came back and reported that they had marked it so cheaply because it "sews when it's plugged in---there's no on or off."  There was also no foot pedal, so I left the store without the shiny blue and white Winter Super Deluxe Sewing Machine.  Pleased with my resolve, I herded the loinfruit into the van and we headed off to picnic at the park.  (The weather has been stunning---upper sixties and clear---all week.  Last year we'd already had snow by now!)  About a mile into the drive it hit me.  The reason it sewed when it was plugged in was that they were plugging it in to a regular plug....not a foot pedal plug like the one attached to my Universal at home.  I bummed seven bucks off the richest kid in the car and burned rubber in the direction we'd just come from.

It's really, really pretty.  To see even more pretties, scoot on over to Kootoyoo...


  1. Oh, good thinking! I like that one of the loinfruit is cashed up!

    Can never have enough sewing machines, and yours look pretty groovy.

    Actually, you have enough children to set-up your own sweatshop.

  2. Oooh, you did well! It sure is pretty.

    I think you should say you are starting a sewing machine refuge. You know, for abandoned machines? That way you are on a rescue mission. Noble, yes?

  3. That is a lovely machine, I doubt you can have too many, there is something very appealing about a good old fashioned sewing machine. My Mum still uses her old singer, it never fails!

  4. Its Super Deluxe you had to have it!
    I do like the phrase loinfruit, that made me laugh!

  5. Very pretty. I'm with Liesl. You are totally doing a good thing, because well these things have feelings too you know, and it's not that nice being in shop. He/she was just waiting for you, begging for someone who understood. xo

  6. That sounds to me like a collection! Suooper!

  7. I hope you managed to pay the richest loinfruit back because otherwise you know they are going to claim it when they leave home otherwise. Actually, that's what you could tell the husband. That you are buying enough machines for each of your children to use in a homeschool home ec class. Genius! I will try that one too.

  8. Mint-green case? Was it like mom's old one? the one she wouldn't let me keep anymore when we made this last move?

  9. I love it, and I love you sent the kid in to haggle! xx


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