Thursday, November 18, 2010


Sometimes I see something and I just have to have it.  This can happen with items ranging from the sublime to the mundane, and it's not one of my more attractive character traits.  The worst is when it's something I've got to make.  This sort of scenario usually involves some wondrous item I've seen on One Pretty Thing, and the urge to make one of my very own becomes so compelling that I abandon household tasks and small children.  When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, I've got all of the materials on hand and it's just a matter of finding the time to retreat to the Haven o' Craft.  Otherwise, I find myself scrounging in the car seats for wayward pennies, and stealing out at naptime to procure the necessary components, which is never a good scene. (Especially when the baby wakes up before I get home.)

So for weeks I've been coveting these reusable produce bags, which are all over blogland.  (I know.  You were hoping I was after something a little more exotic, huh?  Me too, but you can't choose your compulsions, I guess.)  This afternoon I treated myself to a packing break and cut into the sheer curtains I'd been saving to make the little girls a bride's veil.  (Sorry, kids.)  An hour and a few lengths of bias tape later, I had four of  these puppies.  I used the existing casing for the drawstring, and squared off the bottom corners to make things roomier inside.  (Wouldn't want to crowd the kiwis, you know...)

I'm planning to make a batch of smaller ones to use at the bulk bins---there's a Whole Foods in Milwaukee, and I fully intend to make the most of that happy circumstance.

Speaking of happy circumstances, we're loading the moving truck tomorrow, and heading out of here on Sunday, G-d willing.  So you may see a little less of me for the next few days, but hang in there!  I'll be back...


  1. Oh they're great! I mean, you're right that I was expecting your coveted item to be something a little less... er... practical, but still, they're great!

    My trouble is that I covet things that you have to make and then I don't make them. I don't have the skills. I mourn the loss of so many lovely things. x

  2. Those bags are brilliant! Do you use them for shopping bags? Sometimes your Americanised ways confuse me ...

    Moving ... so sad to think your not part of that beautiful house any more ... I hope it all goes well. I'll await your return ... don't lose any children on the way!

  3. you definitely need to have some of those around!
    moving..exciting! wishing you all the very best & looking forward to your news

  4. Oh, Wendy... you have such great style. You make me smile (and often giggle!) Hooray for moving near a Whole Foods Market. They're not always as "eco-friendly" as I would like, but they're so much better then most other options. Good luck with the move... looking forward to all the gory details.

  5. Love love love. My fave fruit & veg shop has this system where they price your purchases at the till depending on what colour bucket and plastic bag you used - I know, it's stupid and complicated. Problem is that it's a FANTASTIC shop. I am stumped to figure out how I could use my own bags, but am so inspired. Nice job Wendy.

  6. They are definitely are a winner. Feels good putting fresh fruit and vegetables into something so eco friendly.:)


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