Sunday, November 14, 2010

At My House: Flurries!

As I was spinning away in the basement this morning, the increasingly agitated cries of my spawn nearly pulled me off the bike.  Loud as blazes but frustratingly indecipherable, I thought I was hearing shouts of "It's going!"  "What's going?" I wondered to myself, knowing full well that someone would eventually descend to the laundry room to enlighten me.  A moment or two later, Rachmy hurtled down the steps, stopping for a long moment to snicker at the sight of Mommy exerting herself.  "It's snowing!" he chortled, "and Winter has come early!"

By the time I'd dragged my bike-weary body to the living room window, the alleged snow had stopped.  My brood was outside craning their necks to the heavens, but alas!  There was no further precipitation to be seen.

I finally finished up the girls' pillows today---a flurry of excitement on that count!

There's been a flurry of anticipation, a flurry of activity, and a flurry of packing in these parts, as well.  Things are coming along in the moving department, and we're hoping, G-d willing,  to head out of here next weekend.  Greener pastures, here we come!


  1. I hope it wasn't an elaborate ruse to make you run through the house?

    I really like those pillows - lucky kids!

  2. Full of flurries! What a great word flurry is!

    The cushions look fab, no wonder the girls look so happy. x

  3. Gorgeous girls and gorgeous cushions. Well done you!

  4. ummm ema!!! where's my pillow??? and why am i not in the picture :(

  5. Looking forward to our first flurries. Even if they don't last long enough for me to run upstairs for them. :)

  6. I'm excited for you and your move! I too have learnt not to jump at the first cry of the children ... they will come if someone has lost a limb.

    Flurries of all kinds sound exciting!

  7. Love your metaphors, the twirling of words and images. I hardly recognized Esti! So mature! Much hazlacha on the spinning and the move.

  8. Ha, just had a better look around your blog - love some of your titles - esp 'why didn't you make dinner?' and 'stalkers' Your girls have fabulous hair - looks like rapunzel! beautiful cushions - well done. Also realised you have 6. Have to go and have a lie down now.

  9. No flurries here...yet!! Thanks for your sweet words about my little birds!


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