Thursday, December 16, 2010

This is my lunch break.

Honest.  The baby, bless her, is sleeping.  The muffins are baking, there's a load in the wash and one in the dryer and the dishes---for the moment---are done.  The house looks like it exploded while I was running carpool, and I decidedly do not have time to be blogging around.

But here I am, because, frankly, if I wait till the boxes are unpacked, the forms are filled out, and the kids are in bed, I'll never post another blog entry.  And that would be a bad thing for me, on so very  many levels.  (Speaking of bad things, I took my trusty laptop in to be repaired this morning and the guy laughed.  Out loud.  Bad thing.) 

I'll be cruising along, mid-life, and say to myself, "Gotta blog about this."  And then, as I begin to drift off to sleep, "Oh, dang.  Didn't blog.  Perhaps I should wriggle out from under my three blankets in the Coldest Bedroom Known to Man (and wake a sleeping kidlet or two in the process, no doubt) so I can dash downstairs, stumble over husband's yet-as-unpacked "office" boxes, and post something now?"  Not so much.

But I feel like I should tell you about what happened this morning while I was washing dishes.  I looked down, saw a funny grayish squiggle on a supper plate, and thought:  "A crack?  Nah, it's washing off.  Oh, I guess it's ballpoint pen."  I finished scrubbing the rest of the similarly-anointed plates, set them in the rack to dry, and did a belated double-take.  Did I actually form that thought and continue about my business without so much as batting an eyelash?  Because that, my friends, cannot be a good sign.  It reminds me of the time I turned to my middle son---who was old enough to know better, but not much---and said sternly, "We don't put pencils in people's ears."  I was completely unfazed by this remark, but the receptionist with whom I was making an appointment at the time couldn't decide whether to crack up or call Child Protective Services.


  1. You make me laugh! Don't give another thought to all those boxes, eventually they do unpack themelves..I'm sure of it...

  2. Sometimes you gotta learn to pick your fights ... and let your standards drop to previously-unimaginable depths.

    Glad you're back to blogging.

  3. Low housekeeping standards = happy family life. Especially when living in the land of boxes.

    Keep up the fine work.

  4. Oh, I was just thinking about you yesterday! Wondering how the move went and whether you (like soulemama) would have all your boxes unpacked long before me :-)
    I totally agree with mid-century - pick your battles!! A bit of ball point pen on some least it washes off (it could've been the walls after all!!)

  5. Love it. I agree with picking your battles. Can't you pay the kids to unpack for you??

  6. Reminds me of a pad of post-its I bought a number of years ago... imprinted across the top of the post-its were the words, "Do not put beans up your nose." Strange but true...


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