Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Creative Space: Twisted

It's been a while since I brought out the old bench block, but I was inspired by a friend's amazing jewelry a few weeks ago, and couldn't help myself.  Naturally, I'm working without the assistance of an actual wire cutter---Shut up.  I can use a nail clipper if I want!---or a clue.  There's been much pounding and twisting (and a fair amount of cursing, now that you mention it) around here, but I'm hoping that my hard work will pay off soon. (Yes, I took this photo in the dark. Let's pretend it's artsy, not crappy.)

Huge kudos to Kirsty for hosting again!  It's been a long, lonely hiatus, and I can't wait to see what everyone's been up to...
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  1. jewelery making - never tried it...but it sounds right up my alley - really tactile and probably therapeutic (if swearing is involved!)
    love the artsy pic btw :-)

  2. I'm intrigued! and you crack me up so I'm stalking you now :-)

  3. Will be very interested in the outcome, although a less artsy photo may be needed so we can all stand in awe and amazement of said jewlery creation!Lol

  4. Love the it a ring? Intriguing!

  5. PS SOrry the bunting is from here.

  6. Oh la la, professional photography & everything. Had to giggle at MMMC's comment, asking if you used fuzzy felt. You did point out some form of wire cutter was required, so i'm thinking you made some jewellery from steel wool?? Non?? Love Posie


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