Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Creative Space: It's official.

I'm officially in business, although I'm still in the (molasses-slow) process of setting up my Etsy shop.  I've ordered my business cards and registered with the State Department of Revenue.  I frittered away a ridiculous amount of time attempting to come up with a logo, but evidently my creative talents aren't quite that far-reaching.  (If anybody knows of a graphic artist who's willing to work for jewelry, send them my way, please...)

Meanwhile, Purim preparations are underway chez nous.  A tiny Snow White has my attention at the moment---as does my ever-steady sewing machine, which decided last night to buck tradition and fluke out on me.  Therefore, Shani's costume will have been sewn entirely without benefit of the presser foot.  Nothing like a little drama to liven things up, hey?


  1. Congratulations on becoming official! Weirdly my creative space is all about my business cards/buisness dreams. You sound further on that I am though! I'll be keeping posted to see what you do with your logo. Hard one that. I wasnt keen on shelling out loads of cash either. My only suggestion might be getting a graphic design graduate to create you one. They could do it for experience and a reference and the free promotion that you could put on your blog and shop about them (!?!).

  2. WOOHOOO!!! Congratulations on it all becoming official.I've seen you there on Etsy and feeling so proud but FOrgive me I've been a bit low on time and haven't checked you out properly. Perhaps try to stop thinking about the logo and it will then come to you when you least expect it.
    In the meantime I love these new earrings here!!

  3. oh wendy, how exciting!!!!! Congrats - who knew all that late night banging and crashing was going to be so productive (and beautiful :-))

  4. well done you!
    Is that silver or gold?


  5. Congrats on becoming "official"! Best wishes!

  6. yay Wendy!!! well done.
    the logo will probably come to you when you aren't feeling so pressured.
    all the best with it & I will definitely check you out.


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