Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Creative Space: Messy

My space this week is a mess, both physically and psychologically. The actual earring-production is humming along nicely, but the Etsy shop stuff has sent me into something of a tizzy. I've been messing around with my camera/ DIY lightbox setup all week, and this is about the best I've managed:

 Not bad, I guess, but the earrings are silver, and here they look kind of gold-ish to me.

I'm assuming my photos will improve with practice. (Don't tell me otherwise, okay?)  This brings us to my final three Areas Of Significant Concern.  

1.  Packaging:  Should be fairly inexpensive, reasonably attractive, eco-friendly and sturdy.  Anyone?

2.  Capital.  Who knew it would be so pricey to set up shop? The Etsy fees, PayPal fees, and materials costs aren't the worst of it---it's the legal paperwork that needs to be filed that's going to do me in...

3.  The price of silver:  When I went to the bead shop yesterday, they wanted $40 for for five feet  of sterling silver wire.  I offered to trade them a small child, but no dice.  (Actually, bearing this little nugget of information in mind, maybe the materials costs are the worst of it.)

Check out some spaces in less dire need of Concerta and Valium over at Kirsty's.

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  1. They're beautiful Wendy. Cath at Chunky CHooky did a whole thing about packaging some time ago,and there were a lot of comments and advice - maybe if you trawl her archives? Good luck. x

  2. I'm loving all of your earrings Wendy. Yeah there is a lot to think about,
    About packaging, well my solution is old books from the Oppy that can be recycled for wrapping paper, and paper bags with prints on them.
    Any help?
    yeah the beginning is always the most work xo

  3. Your earings are such pretty designs. I can relate to you setting up shop, the expenses seem endless at the beginning don't they! I'm still trying to work out the best avenue that's going to work for me, it sure is a massive learning experience..

  4. All of your earrings look lovely, but I think the last photo (with the clearish crystal bowl and the green earrings) shows them to their best advantage. Good luck!

  5. I like the simple photo of the earrings just lying down, but definitely the crystal bowl if you want them hanging! Can really see the colours best in those one :-)
    Good luck with all that paper though...I don't envy you!!

  6. Hmmm. You're right, the first lot of earrings did look rose gold-ish.

    Packaging ... I've bought a lot from Etsy (really. a lot) and I don't mind what it's wrapped in, so long as it's not broken, because I realise that the people I buy from are one-person-creatives. So any recycled anything will do me (it only ends up in the bin) ... maybe old kids' drawings will do. I had one woman wrap something in old clothing pattern tissue paper. I thought that was cute. Just do a handwritten note, and that means the world (to me it does).

    I do like the last photo ... it seems the 'white-est'. 'White' is king. Sounds like it's a learning process for you. I'd just be honest, to be honest. You have 6 kids for crying out loud.

  7. Lovely earrings! I am trying to teach myself to wrap beads - like how you've done yours in these earrings - and failing miserably. I know how to do it in theory ... just when I actually come to do it, it's hard to get it neat like you do. I so definitely need more practice!

  8. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.
    Love the product. Can't wait to see the store!
    You know, display is such a science....and tiny things like earrings are some of the most difficult to shoot! For what it's worth, I think the ones where you have them hanging off the bowl show off your product best. They emphasize the 'dangle factor' and contrasting the gold/metallic tone against the blue is a nice touch. Winner winner chicken dinner!

    I bookmarked a couple things that might be worth a gander (Im a compulsive book marker)
    * these simple tags on a branch might be a nice way to go:
    * Good article on how to photograph product
    * Also, don't forget, if you don't want to shell out big $ for a fancy camera, there are places that will rent you a cameras for the weekend. Some are even online. It's not super cheap, but certainly less than hiring a professional.

    Geez, what a rambler am I?!



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