Monday, March 21, 2011

Step by step, inch by inch...

I'm getting closer to opening Ye Olde Etsy Shoppe.  My business cards have arrived,
I've finished building the lightbox which will magically transform my dreadful photos into marketing marvels, and I went for broke at Harbor Freight today.  There was a rock tumbler on clearance, and it was about $80 less than the ones I've been pricing out.  Needless to say, it came home with me, and will soon be busily tumbling my more delicate pieces to strengthen the wire.  (Note:  I've been wanting one of these suckers since fourth grade.   You can bet your bottom dollar it'll also be tumbling pebbles and my poly-clay beads, once I get around to making poly-clay beads again.  "Maybe during the summer," she said hopefully...)

I made a couple of pairs of earrings this week in new and thrilling styles, and if my camera batteries weren't in the charger you can be certain I'd have posted pics of them, too.  As it is, though, you'll have to be content to admire my business cards till the light on the charger goes green.

Hope your Monday--or your Tuesday, friends in Oz--is full of good stuff...

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  1. A light box, brilliant! It's all happening at your place, and those earings are just lovely!


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